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Raccolta da un esilio di Sam Vickers

British artist Sam Vickers produces systematic, conceptual work that focuses on the manipulation of his own environment. Taking his cues and influence from postmodernist American and European artists of the 1970s, his pieces deal with the perception of our own structural reality and the chosen mater

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Raccolta da un esilio di Sam Vickers
Raccolta da un esilio di Sam Vickers

Orario & Sede

17 set 2021, 18:00 – 05 ott 2021, 18:00

Torino, Via Riccardo Sineo, 10, 10124 Torino TO, Italia


Vickers was born in Yorkshire in 1987. He studied Sculpture at Bath Spa University under Roger Clarke and Mariele Neudecker and graduated in 2010. After a period as an assistant at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park he relocated to London in 2012 and worked within the music industry, namely playing the drums for several groups and producing indie record sleeves as a new artistic direction. He also started producing artwork and short films for the podcast ‘Five Minutes of Doubt’, which at present is developing Series Four in the UK. As a result, an inherently graphic sensibility has developed within his work. In 2017, Vickers began a new body of independent work after moving to Turin, Italy; the city which features prominently within the histories of Metaphysical Art and Arte Povera. Consequently, the new environment and his continued interest in Conceptualism manifested themselves in a broad range of artistic styles.


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